2nd International Workshop on Magnetic Materials and Nanomaterials MMN’2018, UMBB 2018

This second edition of MMN’2018 follows on from the great success of the first one (MMN’2012), held in September 2012 within the Faculty of Science of the University M’Hamed Bougara of Boumerdès, Algeria.

Indeed, the first edition brought together a large number of internationally renowned scientists from a large number of foreign countries (France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Ukraine, Greece), which enabled the researchers to have direct contact for sharing ideas and know-how in the field of magnetic Materials and nanomaterials.

The coming edition will bring even more renowned scientists from more countries. It is going to be a great opportunity for the scientists from all over the world for sharing the latest developments in the field. Submitted papers will be published, after a standard reviewing, in the international journal Hyperfine interactions (Published by Springer Nature).


 01: Elaboration of magnetic thin films and nanomaterials

02: Mössbauer spectroscopy in magnetic materials

03: Properties of magnetic thin films and nanomaterials

4: Theory and modeling in magnetism

05: Magnetism for engineering and environment.